M15 Barbershop

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Esmaeil Ghanavati
Esmaeil Ghanavati
Sirus Ghanavati
Sirus Ghanavati
Mikhailo Soloviov
Mikhailo Soloviov


  • Men's haircut 500.0 ₴
  • Men's haircut Senior Barber 600.0 ₴
  • Wet shave 400.0 ₴
  • Wet shave Senior Barber 500.0 ₴
  • Haircut+beard trim 700.0 ₴
  • Haircut+beard trim Senior Barber 900.0 ₴
  • Beard trim 250.0 ₴
  • Beard trim Senior Barber 300.0 ₴
  • Men's haircut Junior Barber 200.0 ₴
  • Beard trim Junior Barber 100.0 ₴

about us

The first men’s hairdressing salons appeared in the USA and later in the UK. Their popularity grew substantially and own traditions have been established over time. Barbershops are now places of social interaction and are influential in helping shape male identity. M15 is a very special barbershop in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our interior is designed in a subtle classical style.

Equipped with comfortable barber chairs, cutting-edge hairdressing tools and top-quality hair products – all of this you can find right in the center of Kiev city. Apart from cutting hair and grooming beard M15 is a good place to relax – here you can have a sip of good old whiskey or a cup of delicious coffee, while having a chat with our barber.

M15 Barbershop